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  • M.O.H Notice To All Customers 2017

    10 August at 00:48 from atlas

     The following notice is part and parcel of what Ministry of Health now require from all NZTWD (New Zealand Tankered Water Deliveries) to present to our customers by law:

    NOTE: If you do not perform regular water tank maintenance, it is possible that the existing contents of your tank has the potential to contaminate the water which was delivered today, in saying this, it is important to note that without any form of treatment to your water tank - it is suggested that the water is boiled if you intend to drink the water from your tank. It is also recommended that any water tank treatments are to be carried out by a professional water tank cleaning service.

    District Medical Officer of Health's advice on roof collected water stored in tanks for drinking and household use.

    Water contamination can cause illness (diarrhoea and vomiting) which can be particularly dangerous especially for infants, very old people or people with damaged immune systems. Water contamination can be from bird, possum or other animal droppings on the roof or dead animals and insects in the gutter and tank itself. Delivery of water by tanker will disturb the sediment lying in the bottom of tanks. Allow the water to settle and clear before using it for drinking or cooking.

    To prevent contamination of the tank, install a gutter mesh and cover the tank openings to prevent animals, birds or other matter from entering. Roof areas should be kept clear of overhanging vegetation to prevent leaves and debris falling on to the roof and to help prevent rodents, cats, and possums having access to the roof or to allow birds to roost nearby.

    Tanks should be inspected annually and cleaned if necessary but tank cleaning should ideally be carried out by a tank cleaning contractor.

    More information can be found in the Ministry of Health publication on "Water Collection Tanks and Safe Household Water" (Code: 10148) or Public Health Unit or Drinking Water Assessor, or

    Contact your local council: HDC Phone: 06 366 0999 - KCDC Phone: 04 296 4830

    If there are any questions contact any of the above contact points or alternatively give me a call or email anytime for more nfo folks.


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