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    AquaGold Water Supply Ltd is a local small family business team created out of necessity with no town supply facilities for our local beach settlement here on the Kapiti Coast.

    Our family experienced first a drought in the summer of 2002, followed by floods in 2003. It was these two conditions that highlighted the need for a local fresh drinking water supply to be available at all times for our families.

    I am a diligent person throughout our work-path. I have a corporate Health & Safety background in that I was delegate for the Levin plant of Carter Holt Harvey Packaging for several years; I also managed the Ergonomics Portfolio, and was an active member on the steering committee for the Safe-Behaviour Concept introduced at this plant whilst employed there, henceforth; Health and Safety is Paramount for every single delivery made, and we ensure Local Authority and Ministry of Health regulations are in place via our hazard I.D checklist procedures that we complete before we leave our work site for deliveries every day, nothing is left for chance with us because we want to be of service.


    A professional network team is available to repair and maintain all your drinking water related facilities onsite, including a same day water tank clean-out and fill-up, (bookings are essential for this option).

    All deliveries are sourced from both HDC and KCDC sources. The Levin source has always been a "harder" H2O source than KCDC source, and it took me a couple of years to work out the right filters to use at home (I should have just talked to local plumber), when ever we used Levin source, i.e. Ultra Violet filter-system with a three-stage-filter setup.

    The important filter of all three here is the carbon-filter, this is the filter that instantly tames the town supply down to a beautiful finish every time you turn your taps on. If you do not use a UV filtration, you can at least combat the supply by adding the carbon-filter to your existing filter system via your local plumber

    A UV filter system gives you the best of both worlds in that the treated H2O supply is definitely going to treat your water storage tanks, and your water lines for contaminants, and when ever you turn your tap on for drinking water, you can have piece of mind of beautiful fresh drinking water every time. UV is number one for rural drinking water maintenance.

    "We always deliver on the day we say we will"

    AquaGold Water Supply Ltd has a comprehensive WSP (Water Safety Plan), including our work path Health & Safety Procedures to ensure the safety of both staff and customers are maintained at all times.

    AquaGold Water Supply Ltd also has Public Liability Insurance, together with Comprehensive insurance to ensure full compliance with our legal obligations and for the benefit of our customers. We want to be of service.

    So call us ... for the best prices and service with a smile ... 0800 REGGIE

    AquaGold is Precious Water!

    Kapiti - Horowhenua: Foxton & Foxton Beach. Shannon, Levin, Waitarere Beach, Hokio Beach, Ohau, Manakau, Waikawa Beach, Otaki & Otaki Beach, Te Horo & Te Horo Beach, Pekapeka Beach, Waikanae & Waikanae Beach, Paraparaumu & Paraparaumu Beach.

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