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    Always seeking proactive self improvement techniques; my journey thus far has been illustrious, intense, variable, and yet very rewarding in terms of "the bigger picture". When asked: "what is the one key performance indicator" that helped me to make it happen … my answer is clearly education. This may not sound like a great revelation to some folk, but when you have been where I have been, times were tough, money was too tight to mention, and education was just a dream one dreamed about.  Having kept the focus, and kept the faith, I can state today that…education is the key to life! Ever since I completed my UCOL course; I have been able to put all the jig-saw pieces of life together in a logical sequence and help my family to evolve at a greater rate than I could never have imagined possible once upon a time.

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    Kapiti - Horowhenua: Foxton & Foxton Beach. Shannon, Levin, Waitarere Beach, Hokio Beach, Ohau, Manakau, Waikawa Beach, Otaki & Otaki Beach, Te Horo & Te Horo Beach, Pekapeka Beach, Waikanae & Waikanae Beach, Paraparaumu & Paraparaumu Beach.

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    AquaGold is Precious Water!

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