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Ministry of Health Approved Bulk Drinking Water Supplier.

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AquaGold Water Supply Ltd has been delivering bulk household drinking water since 2003.


We are based in Manakau, which is central to our area of operations in the Kapiti-Horowhenua districts primarily.


Your well-being is paramount to us: Our "dedicated 14,000 litre Stainless Steel Tanker" is fitted with a back-flow prevention device to prevent cross-contamination risk for every delivery we make. This dedicated tanker is regularly maintained, serviced, and sterilized to meet M.O.H requirements at all times.

If your water tank has sediment issues via your roof, gutters or trees etc, ask 0800 REGGIE about his Alka Jug Mineral Water Purifier, (click on the link on the right side of this page), this will help improve your water tank quality and future rainwater harvesting experiences you never thought possible once upon a time folks! Great for people who don't have the time or opportunity to clean their tanks "and roofs" as recommended: (M.O.H recommend once a year).

When we are not flat-out busy: customers can expect deliveries to arrive within the first hour of your call. We do have 70 - 80 metres (approx) of hose lengths. NOTE: Quotes are based on one hose length (30m longest).

SAME DAY WATER TANK CLEAN & FILL OPTIONS: I network to 0800 TANKPUMP (0800 826 578), & also MOBI-CARE. Please note this option is only available with bookings to ensure our network team can work in together. MOBI-CARE: 027 244 1393

New Ministry of Health regulations have been introduced to the NZ Tanker Drinking Water Industry for the 2017 season onward, you can read more in our "About Us " section to understand what is happening.

SEPTIC TANK CLEANING is available when you call: 0800 368 9385 or Local: 06 368 9385 or visit the website: TATANA CONTRACTING LTD - for "Outstanding Certified Contractor Services" in the Kapiti and Horowhenua districts.

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